Ceramic Painting

We’re open for ceramic painters to come inside our store again! We’ll be open for limited appointments, reservations are necessary at this time. We’ll allow a maximum of 12 customers inside the shop for each appointment spot (this is less than 30% of our capacity). If you’re interested in painting with us, check out our Book Appointment Page.

Our shop is small and we are focused on providing folks with a healthy outlet for creativity!

We’re offering take home painting kits for those of you looking into creative activities that can be done outside the shop! When you finish painting your pieces, you can drop them back at the shop to be fired in our kilns. Or, if they’ve been painted with acrylics, they’re done once the paint is dry! Check out our Take Home Painting Kits Page or shop online.

At Glazed Expectations, you’ll choose from a variety of bisque(ready to paint ceramics) pieces. We have over nine hundred items to choose from including the following: boxes, banks, figurines, animals, picture frames, plates, bowls, platters, kitchen and home decoration, garden pots and creatures, plaques, tiles, vases, mugs, spring, St.Patrick’s, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. No experience is necessary to paint here!

Our helpful staff will guide you on your path to ceramic painting bliss. We’ll get you started by showing you our huge color selection of over a hundred and fifty different colors of underglazes, specialty glazes, and acrylics. You’ll choose between glazes which are food safe or acrylics which aren’t fired in the kiln, but are great for on-the-go items. We’ll provide instruction on how to apply the paints using a multitude of techniques such as: sponging, bubbling, stencils, stamps, silk screens, taping, glaze pens, or tracing free form designs on with a pencil. We’re happy to assist you with any design questions or color consultations. We want you to love what you make and smile while you’re doing it!

Check out our Gallery Page to see just how vast the options are for ceramic painting.


  • The average price of pieces is between $11-$30 which includes unlimited paints, instruction, and kiln firing.

Pieces painted with acrylics can go home with you immediately. Glazed pieces will be fired within 3 to 7 days of your visit.

Please call 919-933-9700 or email Susannah@GlazedExpectations.com with questions!

Peek inside the shop with our Virtual Tour on Google Maps!