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About Glazed Expectations

About Glazed Expectations – We are a locally owned and operated paint-it-yourself ceramic and sculpture studio on W. Main Street in Carrboro. It was opened in 1999 by Susannah Sloan and offers a wide array of activities: summer camps, after-school classes, birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers, engagement and bachelorette parties, graduation, or any special event.

Our Team

Susannah SloanSusannah Sloan

Susannah sums up her path to owning and growing Glazed Expectations:

“While in college studying psychology, I took a sculpture class and found I enjoyed the creative process. As I spent more and more time in the studio, my instructor mentored me, starting me on a path as a self-taught artist. After arriving in North Carolina nineteen years ago, I opened my ceramic studio so I could focus on developing my art. Having evolved from self-teaching to teaching others, now I benefit from the insight a studio full of artists can provide. When a viewer sees a ceramic piece, their mind is taught to think vessel, bowl, vase, mug… . I try to steer the viewer’s mind away from this societal conditioning and into the realm of the unexpected; the universal freedom before adult preconceptions.”

“I want each customer, whether it’s their first or one-hundredth time painting ceramics to follow their own creative process: challenging expectations, questioning assumptions, and discovering the artist within.”